Private Instagram Photos Aren't As Private As You Might Think

If you though that setting your profile as private will protect you from stalkers - think again.

Thanks to a simple trick, private profiles on Instagram can be viewed publicly. We read that pictures, videos and reports on Stories can be shared, downloaded and distributed without your knowledge.

As the source says, all you have to do is to be a private account observer, enter the selected post in your browser, open the site's source code and copy the URL from there. The copied address can be sent to anyone, even if they are not Instagram users. We read that the person who receives the link can download a JPEG photo and an MP4 video.

"The behavior described here is the same as taking a friend's photo screen on Facebook and Instagram and sharing it with others. - said a Facebook spokesman quoted by "This does not give access to a person's private account." - he added.

The source points out, however, that there is a difference between the possibility of making a screenshot and the possibility of sharing the URL to a private user account. We read that in a link of this type there is information about how to upload the post, which is proof of its authenticity. What's more, thanks to this way it's also possible to see someone's Private Stories, even if they disappear after 24 hours or are deleted because the user relationship URLs are active for several days. The source adds that this trick also works for Facebook, because the data is stored on the same network as on Instagram. Accessing this data is also how the private instagram viewer is able to continue functioning. also notes that Instagram is not able to monitor how many people are watching content from a given account through an external URL. This means that you may never know that your private posts have been made public without your permission.

As we read on, this is not the first time that Instagram has ever had a vulnerability of this kind in its security. In 2015, Quartz discovered that posts published by a public account remain so even if you change your profile privacy settings. After these reports, Facebook changed the settings so that after changing the account from public to private links to previous posts, which are not shared on other services, are available only to observers of the user - the source is given.